Fieldlook monitors the moisture balance of your crop using the evapotranspiration. Fieldlook looks inside the plant. Evapotranspiration is directly related to growth. The combination of the moisture parameters on Fieldlook helps you understand the moisture balance and indicates possible shortages. Also it shows you how to optimize crop production while reducing water consumption.

Actual evapotranspiration [mm]
Actual evapotranspiration is the quantity of water that is actually removed from the land surface through evaporation of water from the soil, plant canopies, and open water bodies plus transpiration by the plant (all together constituting the actual water consumption). Evapotranspiration is commonly estimated by multiplying Reference Evaporation with a crop factor but is no longer necessary using the Fieldlook technology. Fieldlook estimates actual evapotranspiration directly from the crop.

Evapotranspiration deficit [mm]
The evapotranspiration deficit is the number of millimeters of water per week your crop missed to achieve the maximum evapotranspiration (and growth). Evapotranspiration deficit is the difference between the actual evapotranspiration and the potential evapotranspiration. It reflects the crop`s shortfall in what it can potentially achieve under ideal conditions. It is an indicator of plant water stress. Evapotranspiration deficit does not necessarily to be zero during the entire growing season. As a farmer you know exactly when you can apply stress and when not. The evapotranspiration deficit helps you to apply water stress and save water when needed, for example to control the vigour of your vines at critical growth stages.

Biomass Water Use Efficiency [kg/m3]
While biomass production shows you how much biomass has been produced per unit of land (kg/ha), the biomass water use efficiency shows how much biomass has been produced per unit of water (kg/m3) consumed by the crop. Especially when you have a limited water allocation but sufficient , the biomass water use efficiency helps you to determine the optimal amount of irrigation application.

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