See more..through satellite eyes

Look into your crops with And get essential data you can't see with your own eyes.

Only the crop knows...what keeps the crop busy
To influence the crop growth, you will need to have as many details that are available. You get them on Fieldlook.comeg, directly in absolute numbers. Like kilograms per hectare or millimeter per week.
The parameters are classified in logical groups:

  • Growth
  • Moisture
  • Minerals

Online, every week*, for a large variety of crops

On  you recieve 9 growth parameters. Every week* during the growth season. Available for a large variety of crops! Your starting point for further analyses, interpretation and action. The basic package consists of the following parameters:


  • biomass production (kg/ha)
  • leaf area index LAI  (m2 leaf/m2 ground)
  • vegetation index NDVI


  • evaporation shortage (mm/week)
  • current evaporation (mm/week)
  • crop factor (-)
  • biomass water use efficiency (kg/m3)


  • Nitrogen content in the top leaf layer (kg/ha)
  • Nitrogen content in all leafs (kg/ha)

Available around the world is border less from a technical point of view.
To discuss the possibilities for your area please contact us.

*provided clouds permit recording